Poetry contest

Fairbanks Arts Association announced the winners of the 27th National Poetry Competition | Latitude 65

The Fairbanks Art Association announced the winners of the 27th annual statewide poetry contest on Tuesday. The 2022 winners represent poets from across Alaska.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell was the juror for the pageant this year. Hollowell is a poet and writer who lives in Homer. She is the author of “Pause, Traveler” and “Every Atom”. She has received two Rasmuson Foundation Fellowships, a Connie Boocher Award and an Alaska Literary Award.

Rather than hosting an in-person reading, the Fairbanks Arts Association will create a video of the winning poems posted on its website. All winning poems can be read at fairbanksarts.org.

The full list of winners is below:

No. 1 – Wendy Erd, “Where’s At”

No. 2 – Eran Eads, “The only way to find an ice cave is to hear it”

No. 3 – Aurelia Kessler, “Consider the Diatom”

No. 1 – William Bradshaw, “Concentrate on This Sonnet”

No. 2 – Abigail Eberhardt, “A Modern Affliction”

N° 3 — Darcy Misel, “By the lake, near the larches 7/14”

No. 1 – Clover VanOrmer, “oldest friend”.

No. 2 – Chelsea Mapili, “Evergreen, Evermore”

No. 3 – Stav Weiss, “Poem Written in the Basement”

Elementary School Winners

No. 1 – Nevelo Hoogendoorn, “Where I’m From”

No. 2 – Sawyer Johnson, “A Yellow Birch Leaf in Pencil”

No. 3 – Brook Taintor, “Chickadee”