Ensuring That You Have Enough PPE For Your Needs

We are in a time of crisis and the world is divided on what we should do and what we shouldn’t when it comes to Covid-19.  For many, the situation seems like it is a hoax, government officials arguing over the use of a mask, how we should look at the virus and so much more.  At the end of the day however, you need to take the time to look at the situation and do what is right for yourself, family, friends and the public at large.  Yes, it is an inconvenience, but if we just use covid emergency supply sourcing and use those protection measures, this situation will die out and we can go back to normal once again.

Schedule your actions

What do you do during the day?  Where do you go and who will you interact with?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to scheduling your time.  When you schedule your time and actions you can determine how many masks, sanitizers and other PPE items will be required. 

Proper use of PPE

When you use your PPE it is also good to know how to use them and when.  If you are in your own vehicle or if you are in an environment where you are the only one breathing the air, then it is a good indication that you don’t need to be wearing your PPE.  However, if you are in an unstable environment it is a good idea that you wear your PPE all the time.

Look for imperfections

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Another thing that you need to consider are the way your PPE devices are made.  Your devices need to be fresh and unused, have no rips, tares or other imperfections.  Masks should have strong strings attached to them that won’t break and if the devices are reusable, wash them on a daily basis.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your PPE is well maintained and that you will have enough to keep yourself and other safe.