Sideshow: Practice and product — reflecting on napowrimo

May 6, 2010
By Big Tent Poetry

A column by James Brush, Big Tent Poetry Sideshow Barker

What I like about making poems—about writing, really—is that process of discovery and feeling of channeling things from somewhere else that I then share with others. When I go back and read something I’ve written that’s actually good and brings me or someone else enjoyment, my initial response is always “Wow, who wrote that?” Maybe I should ask “Where did that come from?” but either way, the answer is I don’t know, and that mystery is a reminder to remain open, which is where I fell out with NaPoWriMo: it upends the balance and turns poetry into a mad quest for product.

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One Response to “ Sideshow: Practice and product — reflecting on napowrimo ”

  1. Amy Barlow Liberatore on May 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    James, perhaps it’s because I am a new poet, and only recently published, but I found the April PAD at Poetic Asides (Robt. Lee Brewer) to be immensely helpful. I look back at the poetry created – some of mine was dreck, pure and simple; some, with editing, were good; some were the kind you described. As Rosanne Rosannadanna would have said, “That stuff come outta ME?”

    I do understand your feelings on NaPo WriMo, but for me, as a “newbie,” it was a line in the stand and, for better or for worse, I did rise to the challenge.

    Will look for your blog and read more of your poetry. Thanks for listening and for contributing these thoughts to the Big Tent! Amy Barlow Liberatore (Sharp Little Pencil). Poetry Music


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