Poetry contest

Young people are familiar with the junior poetry contest

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Meet the winners of the junior poetry competition held as part of the McLelland Poetry Fringe Festival in Arran last weekend.

The three winners, who all attend Brodick Primary School, are: 7-year-old category – Theodore Fergusson, poem ‘Up in the Morning’; 8-year-old category – Tia McKinnon, poem “The stories these hills could tell”; 9-year-old category – Sam Goronwy, poem “Ode to Meep”.

The prizes, vouchers to spend in the Brodick Book and Card shop, were presented to each of the finalists by spoken word poet Kevin P Gilday who was on Arran performing at the festival. See next week’s banner for a full report.

Here are the three winning poems

Up in the Morning – Theodore Fergusson

up in the morning,

Shake me.

Shreddies for breakfast,

I would much prefer the cake!

On the way to school,

in the mummies’ car.

I couldn’t walk

It’s way too far.

In the classroom,

we all participate.

Because one day

We will be very smart!

After school,

it’s time to take a break.

I will play,

with my best friend.

Nintendo Switch time,

after tea.

He’s a YouTuber

I want to be.

Before I know it

it’s time to go to bed.


said my mom.

The stories these hills could tell – Tia McKinnon

The hills have been there longer than us,

North Sannox is where they are.

They watch over

the farm,

sheep fields,

the forest road,

walkers and hikers.

The ruins of past stories scattered over these magnificent beasts,

Now they are holding up.

Their stories will outlive ours.

Ode to Meep – Sam Goronwy

I have a cat called Midnight,

I call it Meep for short,

She loves when I caress her,

I love when she purrs.

She is famous all around Cordon,

He’s a celebrity at the vet,

I’m never bored when Meep is around,

She is the most amazing pet.

When we return from vacation,

She comes flying through the door,

She jumps on a mouse,

She hits him with her paw.

Sometimes I see her running,

And I wish she was mine,

So I remember that she really is!

Now I can’t imagine like without Meep.

Junior Poetry Contest Winners with Kevin P Gilday. NO_B18poetry01