Poetry contest

Take part in the My Donald Trump poetry contest!


Donald Trump on his inauguration day.Credit Al Drago/The New York Times

This contest is now over. Please check back soon for updates!

Over the years, I’ve occasionally held poetry contests, inviting readers to submit their own poems about the Iraq war, racism, and the like. Now I would like to invite readers to submit their poems about Donald Trump and his administration. Please post them below as comments.

Hopefully the entries will be good enough that I can weave together a column of the best. This means that short poems are best, so I can use several. I’m okay with anything from haiku to limericks, but no epics. The poems can be rhymed or not, as you prefer, but they must be your own work, and your submission means you agree to let me publish them in The Times.

Humor or mockery is fine, as are serious poems, but I don’t just want poems denouncing Trump. If you think we in the media are being unfair to a great president, then come to his defense in verse.

Why this contest? Frankly, Trump is the issue of the moment all over the world: there’s a lot of writing but not much new. So maybe poetry can offer a new prism through which to look at reality. I don’t know how long the competition will be open – maybe a week or more, partly depending on the response, so write your poems and enter as soon as you can.

And please, no profanity – we won’t be able to publish it.