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We’re starting to hear from our barkers!

May 4, 2010

We’re thrilled this week to be posting — already! — two articles written by our sideshow barkers. (One is here, below. One will publish tomorrow!) And while we won’t always do so much hand-holding, we are proud as lions about our new space and don’t mind showing you around a bit.

The articles from our sideshow barkers will appear here on the home page, and they will accumulate under the tab (above) for Ring #3.

All the while, in Ring #1, we’re still talking about our first prompt and getting super excited for our first “Come one, Come all” gathering this Friday. That’s the time for you to post your poems and your links. As new content fills up the site, the prompt will trickle down to the bottom of the main page, but you can always access it under the tab (above) for Ring #1.


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Hello, circus-goers!

April 21, 2010

Are you ready for a new adventure? We are! We’re just getting things started here at Big Tent Poetry, but we’re very excited about continuing to celebrate and support poets working and playing online.

Our first writing prompt will go up on Monday, May 3; and our first “Come one, Come all” call for responses will go up on Friday, May 7.

Watch this space for announcements about our progress! Explore for a bit! Figure out how things work! Leave a comment* to let us know you stopped by! Peanuts! Popcorn! Cotton candy!

*Remember, your initial comments will go into our “pending” comments file; we’ll approve them as quickly as we can while we train the site in proper circus etiquette!


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Under construction …

April 7, 2010

Welcome to the quickly growing and rapidly changing site of Big Tent Poetry. We have a number of brief posts up currently so that we can tell you about the work we’ll all be doing here — oh, how much fun it will be! — and so that we can fully utilize the features of the site while we build content.

Feel free to look around — just watch where you step! Our elephants are not house trained.


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