Poetry contest

Seattle’s Child Poetry Contest

In honor of National Poetry Month in April, Seattle’s Child is hosting a children’s poetry contest!

Seattle-area children in kindergarten through 8th grade are encouraged to participate. Expert judges will choose the winners, and there will be prizes! Additionally, we will post as many submissions as possible on our website.

To enter a poem, email editor@seattleschild.com with the poem and the following information: poet’s first name and initial, poet’s grade level, hometown, photo, and any illustrations or background notes that accompany the poem. Please put SC Poetry Contest as the subject of the email.

Multiple entries encouraged!

The deadline for children’s poetry contest entries is April 4.

Special thanks to our judges, Bryan Wilson of the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas and Alicia Craven of Seattle Arts and Lectures.

We look forward to filling the spring with your poetry!

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