Poetry contest

Poetry Contest Winners | Ely’s time

The annual White Pine County Library Poetry Contest was held on March 26. It’s year eight and everyone’s comeback is performing in front of an audience.

There were 32 participants and over 100 people present. Poems had to include original works, no more than 20 lines, and contestants had to perform their poem in front of judges.

Each category winner won a Chrome Book. (High School) I Don’t Love You by Charish Stevens, (Middle School) Unapologetically Me by Leilani Vining, ((3rd-5th Grade) Divebombers, and (K-2nd Grade) One Little Chicken by Gracie Lister.

The finalist received a gift certificate for Economy Drug. (High School) Villanelle of Perspective by Matthew Nicholes, (Middle School) M. Ferret by Anni Stevens-Cracraft, (Grades 3-5) All About Mazie by Mazie Rosenlund (K-2nd Grade) The Unicorn by Clara Brumit.

This year was no exception to the winners of the Charish Stevens Leilani Vining Gracie Lister Poetry Contest from previous years, the judges; Irene Chachas, Leif Tokerud and Jessica Sturges had a hard time picking out the winners because we had so many great entries.

This event was sponsored by Mt. Wheeler Power, Hotel Nevada & Gambling Hall, WPC Library Board Members and an anonymous donor.