How to Join the Circus

You are a member of the circus the moment you discuss a prompt, post a poem (or a link to a poem), comment on an article or participate in an activity. Play around several times a week or a couple times a month — whatever helps your writing practice. The Big Tent community welcomes you no matter what your interest in poetry.

Please remember two very important things:

  • Everything posted/shared here is done so in the spirit of generosity. Encourage your fellow poets! This is not a critique community. Whether you comment here or on participants’ blogs, please do not critique work unless the author specifically requests it.
  • One of the best ways to build a quality community as you expand your poetry practice is to be a good neighbor. Go out and about and read — and comment on — the work posted by fellow poets. Link to one another on your blogs with wild abandon, and be sure to link back to Big Tent Poetry each time you post work on a prompt or activity.

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