How Preparation For Dentures Begins

There will always be a good reason for having dentures made up. Rest assured that pretty much no one is excluded from flexible partial dentures franklin work. That’s why it’s called flexible. There is no one size fits all modicum. Because everyone’s dental circumstances will differ. Right at the beginning there will always be a full on dental exam. During this exam, the dentist will need to have a clear idea of the patient’s history.

He needs this information so that he can prescribe the most appropriate course of treatment. And it’s important that the patient let the dentist know what other medications he may be taking. This even includes over the counter meds, even aspirin. Assuming this part of the dental exam goes according to plan, the dentist can now proceed to take denture impressions. Doing so now paves the way for a same day installation.

Of course, by that time, all other teeth, if not already done, would still need to be removed. On receipt of the dentures impressions, the laboratory technicians will proceed with the fabrication of the new dentures. It’s best to have the impressions done early in the morning. Any later than that and the patient may have to wait until the next day to be fitted with his new dentures. So, it’s important that both patient and dentist time events accordingly.

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Should these be necessary, tooth extractions will usually be scheduled for later in the day, closer to the time of the dentures delivery. If any repairs are required, it’s best to do these in the morning already. Any further adjustments required will also be scheduled for later in the day, closer to the delivery of the dentures. Efficiency of the practice also helps keep fees affordable to the patient.