Poetry contest

DNR Announces 2021 Air, Air Everywhere Poetry Contest Winner | Local News

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) held its 10th annual poetry contest in May to celebrate Clean Air Month. Third, fourth and fifth graders in Wisconsin completed activities in DNR’s Air, Air Everywhere Teacher’s Activity Guide, and wrote poems and riddles about what they learned about air in our state.

The annual poetry contest is a real highlight of Clean Air Month. All of the students who entered this year’s poetry contest showed creativity and hard work, said Gail Good, MNR Air Program Director.

Christian Cale of Everest Virtual Academy in Weston, Wisconsin, won first place in this year’s competition. Here is his winning poem:

Let’s purify the air

I would like to live in a world where,

Everyone aspires to breathe the purest and freshest air,

The air so pure that it is incomparable,

I want the whole world to agree and be aware,

That we all need to act to reduce pollution so that it’s fair,

If we all cooperated, it would show that we care about them,

Have a clear and clean air for future generations to share,

We would be much happier and healthier, I swear,

If we could all work together to make it happen.

For more information on the Air Guide, Air Everywhere and to see the finalists, visit the Poetry Contest webpage on the DNR website. Educators can order the Air, Air Everywhere guide by emailing their name and mailing address to DNRAirEducation@wi.gov.