Poetry contest

Congratulations to the winners of our Spill The Ink Poetry Contest!

People’s Choice Winner: Sophia Sullivan

Sophie Sullivan

“To live”

Don’t you dare to be so immobilized by fear that you
forget to sing.

Don’t neglect your happiness at the expense of
another’s opinion – you can’t afford such a thing.

Our limited residence on this earth will destroy you,
shouldn’t you choose to dance.

Short on time. The hour hand rests on
your heart and the minute hand in your mind,
tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock – don’t be in a trance.

So please, I’m begging you from my place in heaven,
do not be too long.

Will you just be present, or will you live to face the

Laura Manson

Editor’s Choice Winner: Laura Manson

“And they danced”

they danced until dawn
in the burning passion of noon
in the cool evening sleep
in a source of birth
a summer of laughter
an autumn of betrayal
a winter of silence

and they danced
through the rains that flooded the pastures
through the winds that bent the trees
through the lightning that blinded the moment
through the thunder that deafened the memories

and they danced
around the war
around peace
about broken promises
around broken faith
around redemption

and they danced
sometimes slow and heavy
sometimes quick and scared
sometimes strong and invincible
sometimes withered and hopeless

and they danced
when youth is gone
when old age tripled gravity
when time has become a noose
and the music went off

and they danced
and they danced

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