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This week under The Big Tent, October 11

October 11, 2010

It is The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For — finally! — the arrival of poetry gongs in our schedule (Don’t know what a “gong” is? No worries! We will be filling you in). That means that sometimes, now, here at Big Tent Poetry, there will be multiple activities happening at the same time. How will you know where to go, what to do and when to do it? What’s going on? Where’s the weekly prompt? What is a “gong,” anyway? Where do I post my poem? Have you all lost your minds?

Welcome to The Post With All The Answers.

Whenever there is more than one activity occurring, we will keep a “This week under The Big Tent” post in the exact spot you found this one: front and center, at the top of our page. It will contain the links and instructions you need to participate in any way you like. Deal? Deal! No need to throw water on the fires the clowns have set and run toward the tent’s exit flaps! We will conduct ourselves in a (mostly) orderly fashion. (Ha!)

Remember this — join us when you can. No one is “required” to do any of the prompts or gongs, let alone “all” of them.

Are you ready? Here we go!

* Here is this week’s MONDAY PROMPT.

* The announcement of our first poetry gong (and an explanation of what that is) is here.

* The gong will post daily for its set number of days (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7).

* The “Come One, Come All” for the weekly prompt posts on Friday as usual (here it is!).

In addition to being able to scroll down our main page and find current, relevant posts, here are some general, quick references to help you sort it out no matter when you jump in:

#1 / This announcement is filed under “Groundskeeping.” Anytime you feel lost, look up at the black navigation bar (the one with the white text) and click on Groundskeeping. There, you will find information of this exact sort: how to, when to, what to.

#2 / No Big Tent activity interrupts the flow and pace of our weekly prompts. The weekly prompts appear on Mondays, and we come together on Fridays (and all weekend) to share our poem links during “Come One, Come All.” Anytime you want to find the current prompt or participate in the current “Come One, Come All” find RING #1: Weekly Prompts in the navigation bar.

#3 / All of our gong posts (this week’s will be our first) will appear in RING #2: Gongs/Revisions, like the others, available in that same navigation bar. Once you click through, you’ll see the most current gong at the top of the page.

Don’t forget, you can always just scroll down the main page to see the latest, as well. No matter how you arrive at the posts with prompts or poems, you can join in by dropping notes and links in the comments sections. Those work like they always have!

Let us know what questions you have. Share with us your ideas. As we continue to grow, we expect to fall off the high wire from time to time. It’s why we have installed the safety nets.


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Look up, look up!

May 26, 2010


In the lower navigation bar (the light one).

We have a new page:  Beyond the Big Top. (Meaning external resources!)

That’s right. You have all sorts of resources at your fingertips, thanks to Elizabeth Switaj who took this (not small!) project on for her own.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

And while the comments are closed on the resource page (Elizabeth has kindly given you an email address to send additions & corrections to) you are most welcome to leave comments in this post!


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Sideshow: Need a little poetic advice?

May 11, 2010

Welcome to the sideshow tent for everything you wanted to know about poetry but were afraid to ask! Oh, boy! Our fearless sideshow barker Robert Peake is ready to answer your poetry-related questions! He will answer one each month over at his blog, and we’ll cast our spotlight on it from here with an excerpt and a link. We can’t wait!

Send your questions to: advice (at) bigtentpoetry (dot) org. The door is open!


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