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The tent has closed

May 16, 2011

As announced last week, the circus has closed.

(We are sad, too. Thank you for all your lovely comments & well-wishes.)

But the site will stay up as a record of your work and to preserve the resources it contains, which includes a list of other prompt sites. You can also find the toys we gathered for your poetry pleasure. And of course, access to previous prompts, in case you need them.

We’ll also leave the comments open on this post for a while so you can touch base with each other about your thoughts, goings on and what not.

We are incredibly grateful for your contributions and for the community each and every one of you helped create. We’ve been cheered and inspired by your encouragement of each other and we look forward to keeping up with you elsewhere.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done here. We love you and hope you will stop by our new three-way co-authored blog, A Fine Kettle of Fish, from time to time. Because we already miss you.

~Carolee, Deb & Jill



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The circus is packing up

May 9, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. It is with mixed emotions that we announce that this week’s prompt and its matching “Come One, Come All” gathering will be the last. We have decided to take a break from community-building and focus awhile on writing (more than is possible when running a circus).

This site will stay up as a record of your work (and to preserve the resources it contains), and we are grateful for your contributions. It’s inspiring how you showed up every week to cheer each other on!

We are going to try something new — a three-way co-authored blog called A Fine Kettle of Fish. Stop by and see us from time to time so we don’t have to be sad about missing you?

Thank you so much for all you’ve done here. We love you, and we’re looking forward to this Friday for one final “Come one, come all!!”

~Carolee, Deb & Jill


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That poem-a-day business is such a circus!

March 23, 2011

Yup! It is! Don’t you love it? Here’s a reminder (a re-post) of what we’re planning for April, which is National Poetry Month:

Some people love writing a poem-a-day in April, and some people hate it. Some people stick with what they’ve been doing, and some people seek new inspiration and radical challenges. Whatever you intend to do, we will be right here on our regular Monday-prompt / Friday-poems schedule.

As a special treat, in case you want to write a poem-a-day using Big Tent prompts, our weekly prompts from March 28 through April 25 will include seven choices.* Write to them, one each day, if you like. And if you prefer to ignore all the poem-a-day madness and just want to keep doing what you’re doing, pick one from the list and go with it!

Wherever you get your prompts and inspiration for April (there are so many wonderful choices!), be sure to come by on Fridays to share one of your gems from the week. We’d love to stay connected with you!

Questions? Leave them here. We’ll do our best to answer them. (But wait! The answers may already be out there. Go see our original discussion and see if you can find what you’re looking for.)

*For you math prodigies out there, that’s 35 prompts. Yes, we know there are only 30 days in April. Keep the extras. No charge. It’ll be our little secret.


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