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Amanda Gorman Books: Read National Poetry From Young Poet Laureate Online

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National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman stole the show during President Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, with the moving debut of her original poem, “The Hill We Go Up.” Gorman, the country First time The National Youth Poet Laureate quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, and many praised the 22-year-old not only for her composure, but also for her words of reconciliation, activism and hope.

Research into Gorman’s work skyrocketed after the inauguration and hours later the writer tweeted that his books were at the top of Amazon’s bestseller rankings (a position they still held. at the time of writing).

But while you can order Gorman’s books online now, you won’t be able to read them for at least a few months. Gorman’s original poetry book and his children’s book are not due out until September 21, 2021. And while Penguin Random House editors say a special edition of Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb,” will be released in printed form, this version is not expected until April 27.

Of course, release dates could change, especially as the buzz around Gorman continues to grow. There is speculation that Penguin Random House will advance the release of the titles to take advantage of the momentum. For now, however, readers and fans can only pre-order Gorman’s books and reserve them for shipping on the scheduled release date. (It should be noted that Amazon compiles its bestseller list based on securities orderwhether or not they were released. Headlines usually see another explosion of action on the charts once they actually start shipping).

If you want to learn more about Gorman and read more of her work, here are the three titles she has available online right now. The books are also expected to be published in audiobook format, which you can access with this 30-day free trial offer at Audible right now.

1. The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country


This special edition commemorates the poem read by Gorman during the 46th presidential inauguration, in hardcover format. Although Gorman had worked on “The Hill We Climb” for weeks, the poem would not have been completed until after Gorman witnessed the uprising on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

As Gorman writes, the scriptures tell us to consider / that each one will sit under his own vine and fig tree / and that no one frightens them. / If we want to live up to our times / then the victory will not be in the blade. / But in all the bridges that we have built, it is the promise of clearing, / the hill that we climb. / If only we dared.

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The hill that we climb
$ 9.58

2. Change Sings: a children’s hymn

by Gorman Change song has been described as a “lyrical children’s book,” following an African-American girl on her travels around the world. Gorman wrote the text of the book, which is accompanied by illustrations by Loren Long, known for his work on the New York Times bestsellers, From you I sing: a letter to my daughters, by former President Barack Obama, and To like by Matt de la Pena.


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Change Sings: a children’s hymn
$ 9.31

3. The Hill We Climb: Poems


Gorman’s latest collection of poems will be released on September 21 and will feature “The Hill We Climb,” along with other original compositions. While the 80-page hardcover book is Gorman’s first mass-market poetry collection, the LA and Harvard graduate has previously contributed to the New York Times, Vogue, Gasoline, and oh magazine. Gorman also published a collection of poetry in 2015 titled, The one for whom food is not enough. This book is no longer available in print, although resellers are capitalizing on Gorman’s newfound fame, with eBay posting listings of The one for whom food is not enough from $ 500.

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The Hill We Climb: Poems
$ 14.53