After The Implant Process

So you decided to make the jump and get the dental implants. You went on to Google and searched dental implants near me norco and found the dentist that was right for you. You’ve gotten the procedure done, and now what?

The aftercare of implants is critical. One wrong move and things could go very wrong, which is why you have this short guide to aid you in the aftercare.

Immediate Aftercare

The dentist you have gotten the procedure done by will provide you with a list of instructions. While this is very helpful, chances are you remember very little of it. So, here are some easy to remember tips.

Do Not Disturb

Whatever you do, do not disturb the wound after the surgery. This means you’ll have to avoid rinsing, touching, or spitting in any manner. The metal pieces that have been stuck into your gums will still be healing. Any wrong movement could disrupt the process.

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There will be some bleeding. You’ll notice some redness in the saliva or some outright bleeding. There might even be some excessive bleeding. If you start tasting blood. biting down on the gauze pad placed on the wound can help stop the flow.

All this bleeding is okay for 24 hours. If you’re still bleeding after that, contact your dentist.


Keep the ice at hand after surgery and apply it continuously to the cheek area. This will reduce or keep the swelling at bay. The icing should happen for at least 36 hours after surgery. If the swelling doesn’t go down even after that much time, you can ask your dentist for advice.


Drink a lot of fluids. Avoid overly hot foods or liquids for a few days after surgery. On the day of surgery, it is recommended that you consume mostly soft foods and liquids. After a few days, however, return to your normal diet.

Pain management solutions are best provided by your dentist, but aftercare suggestions are universal. Make sure to be careful with your wounds for a few days, and try not to aggravate it too much. After that, you should be good to go!