Poetry contest

2022 Roy Chesney Poetry Contest

Four days ago, July 23, 2022, the Siloam Springs Writers Guild hosted its Summer Writers Conference. It was enjoyable, educational and a wonderful social event.

Some people wonder about the benefit of attending a writers conference. Let me explain. Many people thrive in writing. We have something to teach. We have a story to tell. Writing allows the freedom to express emotions. Writing is a door through which one enters to travel the world, but it costs nothing. In fact, when people read what we write, their lives are fuller because they enjoy our world.

It is the creativity of the writer that opens the mental and emotional doors for readers to travel across the world – or the universe.

I consider myself a prose writer, but I also sometimes write poetry. And that brings us to another event sponsored by the Siloam Springs Writers Guild: the annual Roy Chesney Poetry Contest. It is an exciting event. The theme of the competition for 2022 is “Who is my neighbour?”

I ask members of the Siloam Springs Writers Guild to submit their nominations. Anyone in Siloam Springs, and within a 10-mile radius of town, is welcome to enter the contest.

You can submit up to three poems. There is no fee or donation for the first poem you submit, but we ask for a $3 donation for each of the next two entries – for a maximum donation of $6 for three poetic entries.

And you, the author, choose your choice of poetic styles. You must write a minimum of 14 lines and a maximum of 36 lines. You can submit your poetry anytime in August. Yes, please submit your poems from August 1, but no later than midnight on August 31, 2022.

NOTE: Read the contest entry rules on the Siloam Springs Writers Guild webpage at https://www.sswritersguild.org/annual-roy-chesney-fund-poetry-contest-2018/.

In order not to miss the deadline, just remember: the sooner the better.

Anything else to consider? Oh, yes – I almost forgot.

The prize for first place is $500! The second place winner will receive $200. The third place winner will receive $100. But wait, there’s a special contest for new entrants. If it’s your first time entering the Siloam Springs Writers Guild’s annual Roy Chesney Poetry Contest but you don’t win first, second, or third prize, you have another chance to win. The price for a first entrant is $200, so write your poem and submit it.

Email all entries to [email protected]and write RC Poetry Contest 2022 in the subject line.

Writing poetry is not difficult; I wrote this award-winning poem in an hour.

“All is beauty to me”

Driving up a hill, I wonder what I’ll see.

It can be a rock or a stream, everything is beauty to me.

Magnificent valley below, flowering bush and large tree,

Swaying as the wind blows, all is beauty to me.

Climbing the high mountain with my head in the cloud,

Breathing deeply, I sigh and praise the Lord aloud.

Seeing the view so wide, far from the noisy crowd,

With only birds by my side, I praise the Lord out loud.

Sailing along the coast, I brave the wind and the rain,

I vibrate with Jesus, my host, and with the freedom he has given.

Sitting on the sandy shore, watching the waves roll in,

Thinking of the God I adore and the freedom he has given me.

Walk through the green forest, the quiet meadow and the lake,

I thrive in serene nature with every breath I take.

Spinning to go home, I’m now planting my stake,

Planning to wander again with every breath I take.

The Roy Chesney Competition prizes will be announced at an awards ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on October 10, 2022, during the October meeting of the Siloam Springs Writers Guild.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite style of poetry and start writing about “Who’s My Neighbour?” As I mentioned, go to https://www.sswritersguild.org/annual-roy-chesney-fund-poetry-contest-2018/ to read the contest rules. (Rules are always necessary for one reason or another.)

And while you’re at it, consider visiting the Siloam Springs Writers Guild Meetings. We meet the second Monday night of the month at 5:30 p.m. at Siloam Springs First Baptist Church at 2000 Dawn Hill Rd. You will receive a warm welcome and we normally have treats for snacks.

— S. Eugene Linzey is an author, mentor and speaker. Send your comments and questions to [email protected] Visit his website at www.genelinzey.com. The opinions expressed are those of the author.