Sideshow: Ars poetica — Nothing but metaphor

May 19, 2010

A column by Ren Powell, Big Tent Poetry Sideshow Barker

There are art objects that serve an of-this-world utilitarian purpose, be it drinking tea or shaping ideology. They provide us with an aesthetic and often intellectual experience. And there are art experiences, where the art object itself becomes or conjures a metaphor: the vehicle for Aristotle and Plato’s mimesis, the experience that allows us to sense the metaphysical truth. It parallels religious experience in that it is both sensory and transcendent of the senses and logic.

While the political poem or religious poem may incite our passions and rouse us to act, the art-for-art’s sake poem doesn’t elicit a response: it simply is and, through its being, allows us to experience metaphysical truth …

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